The kitchen is clean. I used the Fabuloso spray, which is purple. We got it from a Bed Bath and Beyond in the city. I also used the toilet bowl cleaner, which is blue. You squirt that stuff in after you have cleaned the other parts of the toilet because you generally want to let it sit for a while, at least that is what I was taught by my mother. I think about the way how I was so slow at doing chores when I was a child, hesitating forever before actually starting the mowing process, making sure my headphones were untangled, my battery was charged, that I was properly hydrated, that the sun was not too high, that I was wearing the right socks, that everything was picked up off the lawn, that all of the dog poop was scooped up, that the right playlis was loaded onto my ipod, or that I had all of the possible cds that I might want -- and I know that not much has changed. Whatever is going on in my life now is not a new development in my life, this way I am now. It helps me counter the fear of diabetes.
Ruth showed me a 3D gif of Will Graham and his dog. The dog appears to jump out of the screen at you. I am one episode behind her in Hannibal. Maybe I will get Musette to watch that episode with me tonight. They are free to stream from NBC. Apparently they are delayed one week so that people will watch them when they air.
Multiple times a day I walk past Musette's Medusa calendar, which is on the hallway wall between the kitchen and the bedroom. I always avoid looking at its eyes as I am worried that some part of my soul will turn to stone. Somebody on ello had a Medussa obsession for a while and I was always having to start suddenly, testifying here that when we're dealing with divinities one cannot feel safe believing that there is a seperation between art and the creature it depicts.
It was a pretty big mole on dude bro's cheek. And I am kind of saying that because I don't like him and think that he was a major factor in my losing my job, but, I mean, it's true. It's a pretty big mole.
Every time one posts online, uploads a photo, sends a text, or makes a phone call they are contributing to currentivism.
Her brother is a male model. He was in Greece recently, and Paris. He is considering living here. Last time he came to town, I ended up hanging out with him most of the time because his visit was during my days off and nobody else had days off. He is an extrovert. He has a lot of energy. He would order triple shots from Starbucks. We got burgers from Brunch Box. He would climb on statues and have me film him because he was obsessed with some video app that he had on his phone. Sometimes he filmed me. That footage is going to be worth a lot one day. Search it out!
The brother who lives here in New York got a text from the other brother saying that he was coming in tomorrow at noonish and then later in the day he would be hanging out with friends from Milwaukee. Everybody is upset because they took the time off to spend with him tomorrow. He'll be here a whole week and I'll be the only one with free time to do things with him. I wish he smoked pot. It would great if he brought a whole bag of it with him like Turtle from Entourage.
LDS conference is playing through the speakers. It makes me nostalgic for Salt Lake City. I am the new prophet. This is the new church of Latter Day Saints. We are the nine apostles. Visions abounding flying out the temple windows.
Currentivism involves the learning process. It does not shy away from incomplete work.
Currentivism involves the learning process. It does not shy away from incomplete work.
Don't reject. Don't deny it. Currentivism is a relligion. It can save your soul. It can save art. It can take literature into the next celestial realm. Though we dig deep within ourselves we know that is the way to heaven. I have seen it in Penelope's eyes. I have seen it in Galaxim's trash. I have seen it in my dreams. Ruth, don't you believe me!? Ruth! Ruth!
April is begging for money on ello. I have always found that in bad form. I have always held it against Durl. I did it myself. It was in bad form. I will never forgive myself. I will always hold it against me.
Currentivism will provide. The tithe pot passes. Put your dollars in it. Visit my Patreon if you are worried about annonymity. Give me a monthly stipend. If you don't care about your name being known then please feel free to make a large donation to my PayPal fund. I am not above money.
If it is the root of all evil then that must be where we must go to get to heaven. Don't fear money. Let it come to you. It is a Currentivist way. Be the product. Let them feed you as you feed them.
Together we can lift and strengthen each other. Follow the holy ghost. The living son of God. Be the Christ. Feed them and drink them up with all your body and soul.
I look to my left. Lilli is not there. So it is the mobius strip proceeds. The depths of the well boring deeper. The spirit of 100 tiny bluebirds to keep me company. There is no rope.

My strep brother called right after the coffee was ready.

"It's time to get ready." said Musette.

I put my mug in the fridge and covered it with a paper towell. It's the mug with blue lines on it and the golden leter 'B' for @bibles.

I ran into the most beautiful girl on the stairs. She had a suitcase. It's all because the dog wanted to go out. I tried to ignore it. He sits down by the door. I took him out only a few hours ago. I feel so cruel for resisting taking him out. I even placed him back on the bed and said "Deal with it." But he kept getting up. I could hear her out there getting ready. I don't know how it happens. They say you get the dog you need. He is not an angel. He is a demon, which makes sense as this is a life of pain.

She said, "Sorry." and I said. "It's okay."

I picked Charlo up and held him at the base of the stairs as she passed.

My brother in law's girlfriend didn't like Charlo. She is not used to dogs.

"I'm more used to cats." she said.

She did not have the authoritative voice that it takes to manage a dog. My brother in law was really laying it on thick once he realized that he could. I was just doing my best to keep him in bounds and let his energy release. I did not want him touching my brother in law's girlfriend --let's call her Ilil-- And I did not want him jumping up on anyone.

I was drinking a lot of tequila.

I think I had four shots while they were there. Ilil kept commenting on it. She said that tequila is her weakness. Musette gave them a bottle of the reposado. I thought I only had one left but it turned out I had three. I put up a fight but she said that I could live. She wants me to move onto something else.

"I think it's about time we exited the tequila phase." she said.

"It's cooler by the water." he had told us, and he was correct.

The sun was berrating us. At the flea market in the park, Musette had sprayed some of her other brother in law's sunscreen on my face. I had told her to. I don't want the mark there to turn into looking like my dad's. I have always secretly made fun of his.

I'm working hard. Ruth says so. But it's not enough for my wife. It's not enough for our present and projected family.

"I'm following the holy ghost." I tell her.

"I just want you to be a succesful author." she says.

Authors don't make money. That's what the prospectus tells us.

"Maybe just us knights. Us knights of the light." I say.

"I feel like Noah." I say.

"You just keep building." she says.

"I'm tired of white males pretending to be Hamlet." Sylvia said.

"I'm tired of you being tired of everything." I told her.

"I'm tired of having to choose which music service to use because is no longer running properly."

"Everything dies." says the X-files.

"I want to watch more of that with you." I tell her, but what do I really want? The television has a transponder in it. It's eating my soul. It's eating our time together.

We fucked while watching the X-files last night. It was one of the best fuckings I have ever given her. I had my head turned around trying to keep up with the story and I was going with the rhythms of her body. It's like how writing comes through a little clearer with the noise of the Tainted Bitch.