I have no problem with the cult of personality, so long as it is my personality.

"Oh there is a key to this thing, notorious lightning" - Destroyer

"That's the only thing it can be, right?" I ask.

"I'm not lazy."

"You always say that. I never said that you were lazy. That's something in your own head that you've got to get over if you want to continue making progress."

Damnit, I told myself that I was going to chill with the obsessive desperation today. The grains of paradise adding a nice little spice to the beer.

Portland is burning. The great beast has arrived. Moloch, the monster of men's ambition. New York, an empire city in America, swinging its 10x6 Penske through my life, disheveling my closets of four years.

The Department of Labor. The Lazarus Pit. A daisy chain come wrecking through my fantasy scape. Red Hoods trampling upon the broken back of the Crookneck Kid. High volume of calls. No hold music. All of the agents are busy. Please continue to hold for the next available agent. This is detective work for you. Getting out the checkered black book. Pen in my pocket. Phone number from this morning written on the internet bill. Over fifty dollars a month. Headphones plugged into phone so that I can press the buttons and get through the automated menus. Last time I called I received a message stating that there were technical difficulties and then the phone hung up on me. I turn the air conditioner off. Standing in front of a robot. Providing information. Social Security Number. Pin. Going through menu after menu. Utilizing an out of state number as my area code is not a New York area code.

Begin with an introductory paragraph. It eats word count as well as providing information.

Hey there.

New York as an obsession with pay.

"You understand that your benefits are being delayed the longer you wait, right?"

And that time Lisa told me that I had to make up for the day that they scheduled me on my anniversary.

All of my work bubbling to my surface, a resurgence of the past. W4s paystubs from The Pearl.

I will learn to love the taste of El Jimador Blanco. Its dull filter residue lingering within the magic it was sent to invoke.

Begin with an introductory paragraph. It eats word count as well as providing information.