Leora is never coming home anymore. This is a bad sign. I hope the dog is okay. I wonder if it senses my presence, watching the empty house, flitting from corner to corner. I am a displaced spirit. Nobody talks to me anymore. "That's not true." says Ruth. "You're right." I reply. "I've got to get a hold of myself. I think that free running moment may have done me some good though." Lilli tells me to take care of myself. Etin wants to take the neighbor's dog out back and shoot it. Galaxim sends me a twitter feed from a disgruntled Google executive. My only question is why she wasn't using Google+.

Practically as if you're not playing that game, risen from the shallows of mortality, above the watermark of the common crowd. Grabbing your family and doing your best to shake yourself into awareness.

"Make the dream a lucid one." I say. "I want to love my family while they are here."