We are dressed in our anniversarial best. I’ve got my suit jacket on that I got at the Zara in Paris. I’m wearing my light grey pants because my dark grey ones are in the plastic bag which is within the green Amazon bag which is soon to be on its way to the laundromat. Musette is wearing a white button up over a tank top and the black skirt which was one of her Paris Zara purchases.

The laundromat is only a couple blocks away. I am wearing a tie that I got in Paris. It has polka dots on it. One time somebody from one of the bars I delivered to told me that it was flattering. It was the guy at the Lakeview Lounge. He is bald and drives a red truck. Sometimes he would come into the liquor store and pick his order up.

One time, Clive, the other driver, got a twenty five dollar gift card for getting them an order in a crunch. He gave it to me because he knew that he would never get out to the lounge and that I had a wife that I liked taking out on dates. They had a drink there called the Kaiser Sosa. It was their version of the old fashion. There were board games lining the booths. We played Trivial Pursuit for a few cards. One of the cards I got was about Jack Kerouac. I knew the answer to that question.