Progeny of Progression

Next Great American Writer

I have not received a confirmation from the pipe shop.

I did however find somebody's site online that I became crazy about to the extent of going in and raiding their css.

The bed still isn’t made when Musette calls. I’ve got two chapters of Hosanna in Hand formatted into the new site layout. Oona is reading them fervently.

She says that the layout makes her want to read more.

At first she thought that I had given her a virus because the amount of words on the page made her computer crash. She is still skeezed out about me after all this time, for good reason though being that I tried to highway rob her.

Musette tells me that she is taking an A down the F.

That dumb bitch is always complaining to the chefs after work, she says, talking about Nichole, the dumb bitch at her work.

We watch an episode of Catfish wherein this young white man with sharp front teeth thinks that Lil’ Miss Oregon is in love with him. Nev and Max do their research and are convinced that the girl on the line is in fact Lil' Miss Oregon. They feel like they are bad at their jobs when it turns out the person is not her but rather a girl whom they had already interviewed earlier in the show and who knows the sharp toothed upper New Yorker in real life.

She has a lot of fake accounts some of them breaching the thousand follower mark.

You could be the next great American writer if you focused your attention on something less harmful, Max tells her.

But she’s addicted, she says, her many profiles being the only thing that brings her happiness.