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Where Chickens Go To Cluck!

The number one thing here is that we make sure the ice cream parlor is best suited for all of its citizens.

!A Dejora de la Plethora!

I've tried to make some sort of peace, but I'm a just a dude lying on his back on the hardwood floor.

ice cream ice cream ice cream ice cream crema de ica crema de ica 32 flavors lotsa choices canta go wronga maka your picka

Ice Cream

My old coworkers from The Page invited me to an event. I keep getting reminded about it on Facebook.

It's at nine o'clock - Musette said that she wouldn't go if it were her.
Any carnivorous animal belonging to the family Canidae.
The domesticated sub-species of the family Canidae, Canis lupus familiaris.
Moo juice
Cat beer
A white liquid produced by cows and used for human consumption.

This is the heartbreak hotel [9x] You said that you'd be here by nine And said you took your time You didn't think to call me boy Here I sit trying not to cry Asking myself why you do this to me Since you're not around for me to tell you baby face to face I'm writing you this letter, and this is hat I have to say: All I really wanted was some of your time Instead you told me lies When someone else was on your mind What you do to me Look what you did to me I thought that you were someone who would do me right Until you play with my emotions and you made me cry What you do to me Can't take what you did to me Now I see that you been doing wrong You played me all along. And made a fool of me, baby You got it all wrong to think that I wouldn't find out That you were cheating on me. How could you do it to me? This is the heartbreak hotel [9x] Chorus and ad lib I aint goin to take it no more [4x] Everthing you said was a lie Don't lie to me [fade out]

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Bob's canine mother and equine father sat him down and carefully explained that he was an allopolyploid organism.

It was in this place that we had come to, hearing a hurt boy walking through the wards of the world. Mother Nature gaining a good lesson from the way the long legged daddies were wandering between her freckle stalks. I was working the limewire back in the days when we needed Offspring to keep our minds off of the propane factories burning away the rollercoaster visions.

So I asked Bob about quotations on the Web and he said I know as much about quotations as I do about pigeon fancying. Luckily, I found bitches and it said:

blockquote and q are used for quotations. blockquote is generally used for standalone often multi-line quotations whereas q is used for shorter, in-line quotations.

[Big old quotation about evolution]
Charles Darwin

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If you add the line givevaderachuckle = true; to the destroy_planet subroutine and then type ilovejabba into the console, the big bad green Death Star laser will etch Slug Lover! on the planet's surface.

I mean I could go. It could be good to get out of the apartment. My neck is cricken.
Any one of my managers could be there. And they all think I'm lazy. One of them was even involved in the letting of me go.
Everyone on ello thinks I'm one step away from horrible things. What if this is my breaking point? What if I see that red headed manager and shove her face in a punch bowl?
I don't make money to spend. Currentivism hasn't taken off. And one of my primary donors thinks I'm a blowhard.



Are you:



An hermaphrodite


My highschool reunion is this year. Ten year. The girl I took to prom and asked to date me invited me over Facebook. She is married now with children. She told me that she would not date me because she was crushing on a soccer player. The person she ended up marrying was best friends with that soccer player. The girl and I were best friends for a while. She wanted to date me before I wanted to date her. She even brought me a hula doll back from her trip to Hawaii. But I rejected her and then she lost her love for me.

There is no way that I can get to my highschool reunion. I was hoping to be a famous author. But Currentivism hasn't taken off yet.

Everything is always just starting. It all feels like practice. This Lazarus pit, the next step towards the holy grail. A spiral. Depth twisted, How did that gif get things so backwards? This year the black knight is king. I am alone. I don't have enough people to even try to talk to. It's all about sitting, thinking, playing with my weiner, watching time fall into that party, letting the dog out come around eleven, picking Musette up, lying next to her while Bob's Burgers or The X Files plays, playing with her hair, staying up after she goes to sleep, masturbating again and then going to bed.

There are books here. It's a big city. Netflix has Twin Peaks just for me. But nothing inerests me. I don't want to do anything but I want to want to do them. This place is full of depression because I am full of depression. It might change, but I can't figure out how yet. Maybe by going to that party. Moving forward. Destroying the enemy as her mother. Inertia. Climbing the well without rope. What does that even mean?

"Cooper, come in Cooper, come into us."

Maybe I don't want to be found anymore. Maybe I don't deserve it. But this is getting so dark for me. This failure path, and why? because I couldn't stand being in one place at a time? I've lost everything. And I only had it for one brief second. I didn't even hardly have it. I am delusional. But I feel like I could have had it had I just held on. And now, my wife is out there, believing in me, working her hands to the bone, burning her skin, sweating constantly. And I'm retarded.

She wants to see the site.

Oh here, here's all these things I'm thinking about. But just trust me, I love you. I'm pathetic. I'm retarded. If you leave me though, I will go crazy.

I don't want to do anything. I am just going to sit here. Trapped. Four cigarettes in the pack. The party might be in an hour. It takes twenty minutes to get there. I can see it turning my life around. Just give me something to write about. Give us something to read, Coop!