What's the reason that you gave to your mother for continuing to live?

I have no reason. There is no heart to the matter. I don't have any opinions. I like to go out onto my porch and blow vapor.

don't give me another reason for making a fool of myself. I give myself more than enough reasons than I need.

She is on the phone with her dad. They are talking about what we are going to make her mom for mother's day. My mom is out of town with my dad and people from their ward. They are in Europe. My dad hasn't been in Europe since his mission. He went to Scotland.

Cameron will probably just drink coffee, she says. Because that's like a breakfast thing.

You can just buy hashbrowns in the frozen section and then you just fry them up.

No? Not good?

Not good.

You got the fruit?

That should be fine. I'd say that should be fine.

I was going to say that maybe I should bring some butter. I've got, like two cubes. Don't you think that should be good? I can grab the meat tomorrow.

Okay, so yeah.